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director, ensure-nz
A motor racing fanatic who believes Michael Schumacher is in his mirrors!

  • Manages our Christchurch clients
  • 20+ years expertise in business and personal insurance
  • Personable and down to earth, no pushy salesperson here
  • “I don’t recommend any benefit I wouldn’t have myself”

Phone: 03 929 0584
Mobile: 021 277 7121

About Me

My name is Daniel Cropp and I have been an insurance broker for the past 20+ years. I own Ensure-NZ which is a small insurance company with 2 brokers. I am passionate about providing people with insurances that suit their specific needs and what you will find by meeting with me is, at the very least, peace of mind that you have the right cover.

How I Work

Having a small company gives you certainty about who you will be dealing with. If you need to make a claim, reduce your premiums or have any queries regarding your insurances, you call me. If you have a change of circumstances, let me know and I will tell you how this affects your insurance. I work at a time and place that suits you, saving you time and money as you don’t need to take time off work to see me.

Lifestyle Protection Plans

I provide you with a Lifestyle Protection Plan. With this report, we discuss what your existing insurance covers and what it doesn’t, we then discuss my recommendations which could be changes to your existing cover or insurance provider. Often I find you have policies that are obsolete to your circumstances, which would save you money. Once we have covered this, you will have total peace of mind that in the event you suffer from an illness or accident, you will not be financially affected.

Annual Reviews

I review your cover each year and discuss this with you. I will then, if required, recommend any changes that should be made to your policy and action these for you. This can quite often save you money.

Claim Assistance

I can save you a lot of time and hassle when it comes time to make a claim as I assist you with minor claims and take full control of any major claim. I know how the insurance companies work and what you will need when you claim. This streamlines the process and can reduce any major claim by up to 4 weeks.
The great news is that my service is completely free.

Kind regards,
Daniel Cropp

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