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What is Trauma cover?

Trauma Cover provides a lump sum payment should you suffer one of the Covered Conditions. The Covered Conditions are by nature serious and potentially life threatening and, as a result, can have a significant financial impact. Trauma Cover is designed to help alleviate this financial impact.

The lump sum can help reduce debt, purchase specialised equipment, pay for home modifications, provide additional care, create an investment fund to generate ongoing income, or enable business ownership to be restructured, among other things. The purpose of the funds is entirely yours to decide.

For info on Trauma cover or to check whether you have it, get in touch.


A Kiwisaver scheme where you are in charge

The Summer KiwiSaver scheme encourages you to get involved. You can choose to let us make the decisions for you, and keep you informed. Or, if you like to be a bit more hands on, you can take charge by asset allocating your KiwiSaver savings across cash, and fixed interest and shares - both domestic and global.

Contact Michael Coleman  for more information.




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