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Your car: great transport or leathal weapon?
It's your choice

Unfortunately, my family had a recent experience where by a friend's mother was killed by a driver that went through a stop sign on an open road. This got me thinking about driving in general and I've really noticed how little care some people take on the road.

The most tragic part about this accident is it was totally preventable and when you read about the car deaths in NZ most are preventable.

So why are we killing ourselves on the road?

To get somewhere sooner? Because we're running late? We like driving fast, or we're trying to be cool?

Whatever the reason is it's never reason enough to speed or not obey road signage. Now I can all hear you agreeing with what I say, but do you take full responsibility when getting behind the wheel of a car?

Most, if not all of you will say yes! But have you ever text messaged, called someone, driven tired or had a drink before you've driven? Again, most if not all will answer yes to something you have done behind the wheel that you shouldn't.

It's my opinion that a lot of accidents are caused by lack of concentration or distraction and I think the government is missing this message altogether.

So what does it really take to make our roads safer?

You can't control other drivers but you have complete control of you and your car. If you take responsibility for your actions you will be safer.

Concentrate, don't get distracted and get there late! Be the courteous one, who cares if someone tries to push in. If someone pulls out and shouldn't, slow down and most of all when driving be alert of your surroundings.

I hope no one has to go through the grief and the life time effect car crashes can cause.

So remember it's your choice GREAT TRANSPORT or LETHAL WEAPON!




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